Registration Deadline: 24 Nov 2018
Milan - 04 Dec 2018

One-to-one meeting:
Start: 14:00
End: 16:00
Time: 30 min
Rome - 05 Dec 2018
FOCUS on Digital Transformation for Health and Smart Culture
Cagliari - 06 Dec 2018
FOCUS on New frontiers of ICT, Physics and Astrophysics
Naples - 06 Dec 2018
04 Dec 2018 - 06 Dec 2018

The China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week is a bilateral initiative dedicated to the internationalisation of research and innovation among Italian and Chinese organizations.  It is promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

Since 2013, the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week merges two events, the Italy-China Innovation Forum (CIIF) in Milan and the Sino-Italian Exchange Event (SIEE) in Naples, both managed by Città della Scienza in collaboration with the main Italian research institutions and with Confindustria for the involvement of innovative enterprises. The SIEE is promoted by the Campania Regional Government and by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology. Furthermore, Side Events will be organised in one or two regions of Italy focusing on specific thematics.

The event consists of an institutional session with the involvement of Ministries to foster the dialogue on policies and strategies, and an operative section dedicated to networking and matching activities, with the aim of creating scientific, technological and commercial partnerships through thematic seminars and one-to-one meetings. The one-to-one meetings will be arranged only in Milan, furthermore, territorial focuses will be organized:

  • in Rome on the topic of Digital Transformation for Health and Smart Culture (December 5)
  • in Cagliari on the topic of New frontiers of ICT, Physics and Astrophysics (December 6)
  • in Naples: the Sino-Italian Exchange Event promoted by the Campania Regional Government


A specific part of the event is reserved for the startups of the two countries as part of the Italy-China Best Start Show and Entrepreneurship Competition, with the aim of encouraging meetings with investors, incubators and experts in order facilitate their in internationalization and soft-landing.

The 2018 edition will see, for the first time, the setting up of an exhibition area, the Cooperation Showcase, with the aim of illustrating the numerous results generated by the creation of partnerships in innovative research and business contexts.

The initiative is addressed to researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, makers, start-uppers, universities and stakeholders coming from the research, enterprise and innovation fields. Thanks to the results achieved, this program has become the greatest event in Europe in science, technology and innovation, as well as a permanent platform for the Sino-Italian internationalization and collaboration processes.

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The deadline for the registration is November 11, 2018.


KEY SECTORS: Agrifood – Green Chemistry – Biotechnologies and Health – Clean Tech & Environment – Energy – Sustainable Mobility– New Generation ICT– Design and Creative Industries – Smart Cities & Communities – Tourism & Cultural Heritage - Physics and Astrophysics - Space technologies