Città della Scienza in Teheran

Città della Scienza in Teheran

An important mission that of Città della Scienza in Tehran, next December 7th and 8th IRAMOT the Conference on “Technology Management”, together with NETVAL Italian delegation the Italian network on technology transfer.

The mission comes out from the meeting of ministers to Stefania Giannini research and Mohammad Farhadi of last November in Rome where a new phase of cooperation is open between the two countries with the aim of creating a dense network of contacts between Italian and Iranian universities and research centers, they can also be the basis for development of industrial relations, particularly between small and medium-sized innovative companies.

Governments have proposed launching an Italo-Iranian Innovation Forum based on the model of China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week coordinated by Città della Scienza, to create a stable platform for networking and business matching between the two countries in research and innovation.

In Tehran Vincenzo Lipardi the General Secretary of Città della Scienza introduced the idea during the session on the dialogue for innovation between Italy and Iran that was opened by Ambassador Mauro Conciatori. Moreover some meetings were held with the Deputy Minister of Iran discussing the modalities and themes of the first Italo-Iranian Innovation Forum, to be held in April 2017 in Tehran.

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