Roadshow for the Promotion of the Italy-China Science Technology & Innovation Week 2016 in the South-West China

Roadshow for the Promotion of the Italy-China Science Technology & Innovation Week 2016 in the South-West China

The Roadshow in the South-West provinces of China was intended to disseminate and promote the internationalization program of research-enterprise innovative systems between Italy and China and the event of the Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week (ICSTIW) to be held in Italy next October 2016. In 2015, the program was held also in the important stage of Chongqing Municipality in presence of Minister Stefania Giannini and Italian and Chinese highest governmental offices. The Chinese participation was considerable and Chongqing Municipal Government invested a lot for the realization of this important milestone. The Chinese Government is giving special attention to the western regions of China to draw investments and production development in these inland areas compared with the rich and cosmopolitan coastal cities in order to encourage economic expansion. The "One Belt One Road" strategy, in fact, underlines not only China's goal to take on a greater role in global affairs, but also highlights the need to export its production capacity towards areas characterized by overproduction. The Italian Government has identified a strong potential in the South-West of China and decided to firmly focus on the development of the economy through two main instruments: the attraction of investments in Italy and the increase of internationalization rate of Italian bodies (universities, companies, research centers). In effect, in recent years in Chongqing it was opened the fourth Consulate General of Italy in China- covering the provinces of Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and Chongqing Municipality in the South-West area - with the task of exploring opportunities for collaboration and creating new ones between Italian and Chinese authorities, who share a similar structure. In addition, a valuable piece of the Italian strategy to penetrate this territory is represented by the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa that several years ago opened a prestigious and accredited Office of Galileo Galilei Institute in Chongqing and already represents an important reference point both for the Italian community that invests in China and for the Chinese side interested in investing in Italy. In this context, from April 25 to 30, a mission to Chongqing Municipality and Sichuan Province took place in order to learn about and explore the potential of these territories, meet new partners and attract new Chinese operators within the exchange program to create benefit for all parties involved. The Chinese partners of the cooperation program, BMSTC-Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and ITTN-International Technology Transfer Network, participated in all the stages and visits to innovative new districts and universities together with Città della Scienza. During these scouting and networking activities, thanks to the valuable collaboration of the Italian Consulate General in Chongqing, three focus have been highlighted in order to deepen the cooperation and the possibilities of exchange between Italy and China:


  • Postgraduate training of Italian and Chinese students
  • Dissemination of Italian language teaching in China
  • Dissemination of Chinese language teaching in


Italy From the many meetings and many interesting visits that took place it emerged the willingness of academic institutions, research centers, new innovative Chinese districts to actively participate in the next edition of the Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week (ICSTIW) and set up future collaborations with Città della Scienza.

The innovative and technological Italy serves once again as a model, in particular as an example for the future of the provinces of the South-West of China. The roadshow in these areas has highlighted the extreme importance of firmly working in order to establish new cooperations and mutual development projects in the field of science, innovation and new technologies.

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